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fea - what, why and how?
A typical FEA plot showing areas of deformation or stress identified by colour, each representing a defined range of values.

FEA is carried out using a number of elements in a 1D, 2D or 3D environment. Data from CAD systems can be imported directly into the FEA package or alternatively the model can be created within the FEA environment. On most occasions it is necessary to simplify the model so as to reduce the amount of calculations processed by the workstation, however, with modern powerful workstations, more complex models are able to be analysed.

Different element types are used to represent the structure, for example a large steel framework may be represented by simple nodes and beams whereas a complex surfaced model be auto-meshed with tetrahedral or quadrilateral (polygon with four sides) elements.

Boundary conditions are applied to FEA model such as loads, pressure, restraints and then FEA calculation is run using a post processor. The results can be presented in many formats and Rota Design expertise is to present this information in a report suitable for both engineers and non-engineers.

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